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Nichols Farms

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  General information  
project name Nichols Farms

Nichols Farms is a large pistachio grower and processing facility in California's Central Valley. Electricity use is high, particularly during harvest at which time the pistachios must immediately processed, not just for Nichols Farm pistachios, but most of the pistachios grown in the region. In order to reduce energy costs and provide a predictable energy cost moving forward, Nichols Farms installed a 1 megawatt AC power plant on site, utilizing concentrator PV technology from SolFocus.

capacity, MWp 1.28
status operational
last update 2014-03-26 14:36:20 UTC
country United States
city Hanford
region California
land area, ha 2.0
solar resource (DNI), kWh/m²/year 6.2
source of solar resource NREL
projected electricity generation, GWh/year 1.9

company name Nichols Farms
company URL www.nicholsfarms.com
installation completed 2011
PPA/tariff type CSI rebates; self consumption
PPA/tariff rate, EUR/kWh
project type power plant
developer(s) SolOrchard
owner(s) (%) Nichols Farms
EPC contractor(s) Bechtel Corporation
operator(s) Nichols Farms
generation offtaker(s) Nichols Farms
  Plant configuration  
type of CPV system SolFocus SF-1100S reflective CPV systems
CPV system provider SolFocus
capacity, MWp 1.28
# of CPV systems 122
type of CPV modules CPV SF-1100
CPV module provider SolFocus
nominal peak power per CPV module (CSTC), Wp 375.0
# of CPV modules per system 28
type of inverter Satcon
AC capacity per inverter, kW 500kW, 500kW, 250kW
# of inverters 3
inverter provider Satcon