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Crafton Hills College

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  General information  
project name Crafton Hills College

A 1.5MWp-DC power plant was installed by Crafton Hills College on college property not usable for other purposes. Being able to use land which wasn't acceptable for building construction was a key part of the decision criteria. The College initiated a competitive bid, managed by Kitchell, as was the installation of the project. The project is located on two separate land areas, in close proximity to each other, but operates as a single power plant. The electricity is consumed by the College and is connected to the SoCal Edison grid.

capacity, MWp 1.61
status operational
last update 2014-03-26 14:36:20 UTC
country United States
city Yucaipa
region California
land area, ha 3.0
solar resource (DNI), kWh/m²/year 6.2
source of solar resource NREL
projected electricity generation, GWh/year 2.9

Crafton Hills College

company name Crafton Hills College
company URL www.craftonhills.edu
installation completed 2011
PPA/tariff type CSI
PPA/tariff rate, EUR/kWh
project type power plant
developer(s) Crafton Hills College with Kitchell as Project Manager
owner(s) (%) Crafton Hills College
EPC contractor(s) Rosendin Electric
operator(s) Crafton Hills College
generation offtaker(s) Crafton Hills College
  Plant configuration  
type of CPV system SolFocus SF-1100S reflective CPV systems
CPV system provider SolFocus
capacity, MWp 1.61
# of CPV systems 140
type of CPV modules High Concentration SolFocus CPV
CPV module provider SolFocus
nominal peak power per CPV module (CSTC), Wp 410.0
# of CPV modules per system 28
type of inverter Satcon Powergate
AC capacity per inverter, kW
# of inverters
inverter provider Satcon