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Yokohama Works (SEI)

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  General information  
project name Yokohama Works (SEI)

This CPV project is unique in the industry as the CPV is part of a cogeneration plant. 100kW of Sumitomo CPV systems provide solar energy. In addition a gas turbine generates power. Sumitomo's Redox Flow battery technology is used to provide 5MWh of storage. The redox flow batteries store the energy generated during off-peak hours in daytime and supplies the electric power during on-peak hours providing load leveling or peak shifting. The facility is controlled by Sumitomo's factory energy management system, brand name sEMSA® (Sumitomo Energy Management System Architecture), which is capable of optimal control of multiple power sources and automatic operation for Demand Response. This project provides an excellent demonstration of what is possible when combining high efficiency CPV into an integrated energy system.

capacity, MWp 0.112
status operational
last update 2015-04-14 08:35:34 UTC
country Japan
city Yokohama
land area, ha
solar resource (DNI), kWh/m²/year 1300.0
source of solar resource
projected electricity generation, GWh/year

Hirokazu Sasabu
Assistant Manager, Solar Business Development
4-5-33, Kitahama, Chuo-ku, Osaka 541-0041 Japan
+81 6 6220 4170

company name Sumitomo Electric Industries
company URL http://global-sei.com/
installation completed 2013
PPA/tariff type
PPA/tariff rate, EUR/kWh
project type power plant
developer(s) Sumitomo Electric Industries
owner(s) (%) Sumitomo Electric Industries (100%)
EPC contractor(s)
operator(s) Sumitomo Electric Industries
generation offtaker(s) Yokohama Works
  Plant configuration  
type of CPV system CPV
CPV system provider Sumitomo
capacity, MWp 0.112
# of CPV systems 15
type of CPV modules Model 13
CPV module provider Sumitomo
nominal peak power per CPV module (CSTC), Wp 117.0
# of CPV modules per system 64
type of inverter
AC capacity per inverter, kW
# of inverters 15 pole inverters
inverter provider