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Touwsrivier pilot

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  General information  
project name Touwsrivier pilot

Situated at the Aquila Private Game Reserve, Touwsrivier, South Africa,
this CPV installation is used as a demonstration for the larger
44 MWp solar power plant that will be located on an adjacent
site. In addition to supplying energy to the reserve during daylight
hours and promoting ecotourism, it serves as a test bed and training
ground for the development and construction of the larger site.
The CPV Power Plant is owned and operated by Soitec.

capacity, MWp 0.082
status operational
last update 2014-03-26 14:36:20 UTC
country South Africa
city Touwsrivier
region Western Cape
land area, ha
solar resource (DNI), kWh/m²/year 2443.0
source of solar resource Average of different sources
projected electricity generation, GWh/year


company name Soitec
company URL www.soitec.com
installation completed 2010
PPA/tariff type
PPA/tariff rate, EUR/kWh
project type demo system
owner(s) (%)
EPC contractor(s)
generation offtaker(s)
  Plant configuration  
type of CPV system CX-P6
CPV system provider Soitec
capacity, MWp 0.082
# of CPV systems 10
type of CPV modules CX-200 + CX-75-III
CPV module provider Soitec
nominal peak power per CPV module (CSTC), Wp 91.1
# of CPV modules per system 90
type of inverter
AC capacity per inverter, kW
# of inverters
inverter provider